IMSL(R) C Numerical Library

This README file explains how to install the IMSL C Numerical Library, and it provides additional important updated product information.

The IMSL C Numerical Library is comprised of the products IMSL C Math Library and IMSL C Stat Library. In this document the IMSL C Math Library and IMSL C Stat Library will be referred to collectively as the IMSL C Numerical Library.

News, Notes, and Addenda

Installation Instructions


Compiling and Linking Applications

Use of the environment variables set via the cnlsetup.csh and (Linux) or cnlsetup.bat (Windows) files is recommended to ease the creation of IMSL C Numerical Library applications. Use the supported C compiler with the desired link options to create the program.

The following command will compile and link an application program:

In the above command, LINK_CNL can easily be replaced by any of the LINK_CNL* variables. Refer to "Environment Variables" for a list of the available LINK_CNL* options.

Performance Enhancements

Single Precision Name of IMSL Function LAPACK Routines used when Linking with High Performance Libraries
imsl_c_eig_herm ?heevx_, ?=c/z
imsl_c_geneig ?ggev_, ?=c/z
imsl_c_lin_sol_gen ?getrs_, ?getrf_, ?gecon_, ?getri_, ?=c/z
imsl_c_lin_sol_gen_band ?gbcon_, ?gbtrf_, ?gbtrs_, ?=c/z
imsl_c_lin_sol_posdef ?potri_, ?potrf_, ?pocon_, ?potrs_, ?=c/z
imsl_c_lin_sol_posdef_band ?pbcon_, ?pbtrf_, ?pbtrs_, ?=c/z
imsl_c_lin_svd_gen ?gesvd_, ?gesdd_, ?=c/z
imsl_f_bounded_least_squares ?ormqr_, ?=s/d
imsl_f_eig_gen ?geevx_, ?=s/d
imsl_f_eig_sym ?syevx_, ?=s/d
imsls_f_eig_sym ?syevx_, ?=s/d
imsl_f_eig_symgen ?sygv_, ?=s/d
imsls_f_factor_analysis ?syevx_, ?=s/d
imsl_f_geneig ?ggev_, ?=s/d
imsl_f_lin_least_squares_gen ?orgqr_, ?geqrf_, ?geqp3_,?ormqr_, ?trsm_, ?=s/d
imsl_f_lin_sol_gen ?getrs_, ?getrf_, ?gecon_, ?getri_, ?=s/d
imsl_f_lin_sol_gen_band ?gbcon_, ?gbtrf_, ?gbtrs_, ?=s/d
imsl_f_lin_sol_posdef ?pocon_, ?potrf_, ?potri_, ?=s/d
imsl_f_lin_svd_gen ?gesvd_, ?gesdd_, ?=s/d
imsl_f_nonlin_least_squares ?ormqr_, ?=s/d
imsl_f_pde_1d_mg_mgr ?gbtrf_, ?=s/d
imsls_f_hw_time_series ?ormqr_, ?=s/d
imsls_f_logistic_regression ?pocon_, ?potrf_, ?potri_, ?=s/d
imsls_f_logistic_reg_predict ?pocon_, ?potrf_, ?potri_, ?=s/d


Anderson et al.

Anderson, E., Z. Bai, C. Bischof, S. Blackford, J. Demmel, J. Dongarra, J. Du Croz, A. Greenbaum, S. Hammarling, A. McKenney, and D. Sorensen, (1999), LAPACK Users Guide, Third Edition, SIAM, Philadelphia.

Compile Source Code

Users of cnl-<VER>-<ENV> or cnl-<VER>-<ENV>_src.exe installers only, follow these instructions to compile source code