JMSL Chart Programmer’s Guide
Line Attributes
All lines, except for those used to draw markers or outline filled regions, are affected by the attributes described in this section. These include axis lines and lines drawn when a Data node is rendered with its DataType attribute having its DATA_TYPE_LINE bit set.
Attribute LineColor
LineColor is a Color-valued attribute that determines the color of the line. Its default value is
Attribute LineWidth
LineWidth is a double-valued attribute that determines the thickness of the lines. Its default value is 1.0.
Attribute LineDashPattern
LineDashPattern is a double-array-valued attribute that determines the line pattern used to draw the line. It defaults to a solid line. Alternate entries in the array represent the lengths of the opaque and transparent segments of the dashes.
Some dash patterns are defined. They are DASH_PATTERN_DOT, DASH_PATTERN_DASH and DASH_PATTERN_DASH_DOT.