Axis Unit

The AxisUnit node controls the placing of a unit tag on an axis. The tag is the value of the Title attribute in the node. By default, it is empty.

The axis unit is used for labeling only; it has no other effect on the chart.

Setting the Axis Unit

In this example, the axis unit for the x-axis is set to “hours” and the axis unit for the y-axis is set to “meters”. While not required, the axis titles are also set.

(Download Code)


using Imsl.Chart2D;


public class SampleAxisUnit : FrameChart {


    public SampleAxisUnit() {

        Chart chart = this.Chart;

        AxisXY axis = new AxisXY(chart);

        double[] y = {4, 2, 3, 9};

        Data data = new Data(axis, y);









    public static void Main(string[] argv) {

        System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(new SampleAxisUnit());





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