Contacting Visual Numerics Support

Users within support warranty may contact Visual Numerics, Inc.regarding the use of the IMSL C# Numerical Library. Visual Numerics, Inc. can consult on the following topics:

      Clarity of documentation

      Possible Visual Numerics-related programming problems

      Choice of IMSL Numerical Libraries functions or procedures for a particular problem

Not included in these topics are mathematical/statistical consulting and debugging of your program.

The following describes the procedure for consultation with Visual Numerics:

      Include your Visual Numerics license number

      Include the product name and version number: IMSL C# Numerical Library Version 6.5

      Include compiler and operating system version numbers

      Include the name of the class for which assistance is needed and a description of the problem

Visual Numerics - Developers of IMSL and PV-WAVE
PHONE: 713.784.3131