FNLMath : Utilities : FAURE_INIT
Shuffled Faure sequence initialization.
Required Arguments
NDIM — The dimension of the hyper-rectangle. (Input)
STATE — An IMSL_FAURE pointer for the derived type created by the call to FAURE_INIT. The output contains information about the sequence. Use ?_IMSL_FAURE as the type, where ?_ is S_ or D_ depending on precision. (Output)
Optional Arguments
NBASE — The base of the Faure sequence. (Input)
Default: The smallest prime number greater than or equal to NDIM.
NSKIP — The number of points to be skipped at the beginning of the Faure sequence. (Input)
Default: , where and B is the largest machine representable integer.
FORTRAN 90 Interface
Specific: The specific interface names are S_FAURE_INIT and D_FAURE_INIT.