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ParetoChart Constructor (AxisXY, String, Int32, Int32, String)
Constructs a Pareto chart showing only a limited number of bars. The numberDefects-axis formatting is changed to integer formatting.

Namespace: Imsl.Chart2D.QC
Assembly: ImslCS (in ImslCS.dll) Version:
public ParetoChart(
	AxisXY axisBar,
	string[] labels,
	int[] numberDefects,
	int maximumCategoriesPlotted,
	string otherLabel


Type: Imsl.Chart2DAxisXY
The AxisXY parent of this node.
Type: SystemString
A String array which contains the labels for the data values.
Type: SystemInt32
An int array which contains the number of defects. These data values must be in the same order as the values in labels, but they do not need to be sorted.
Type: SystemInt32
The maximum number of categories to be plotted. Categories with smaller number of defects are consolidated into a single bar. The total number of bars will be maximumCategoriesPlotted+1. This must be at least 0 and no more than the length of numberDefects.
Type: SystemString
The label of the bar holding total defect count of the categories not plotted.
ArgumentExceptionis thrown if the length of the labels and numberDefects arrays are unequal or if any element of numberDefects is negative.
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