JMSLTM Numerical Library 7.2.0

Class BarSet

    • Method Detail

      • dataRange

        public void dataRange(double[] range)
        Update the data range, range = {xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax}. The entries in range are updated to reflect the extent of the data in this node. The argument range is an input/output variable. Its value should be updated only if the data in this node is outside the range already in the array.
        range - a double array which contains the updated range, {xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax}
      • getBarItem

        public BarItem[] getBarItem()
        Returns an array of BarItems. This is the collection of all BarItems contained in this bar group.
        a BarItem array
      • getBarItem

        public BarItem getBarItem(int index)
        Returns the BarItem given the index.
        index - an int which specifies the index
        a BarItem associated with the specified index
      • paint

        public void paint(Draw draw)
        Description copied from class: ChartNode
        Paints this node and all of its children.
        Specified by:
        paint in class ChartNode
        draw - the Draw object to be painted
JMSLTM Numerical Library 7.2.0

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