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TreemapOrientation Property
Specifies the value of the "Orientation" attribute.

Namespace: Imsl.Chart2D
Assembly: ImslCS (in ImslCS.dll) Version:
public virtual TreemapOrientationMethod Orientation { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: TreemapOrientationMethod
One of Treemap.OrientationMethod.Automatic, Treemap.OrientationMethod.RowFirst, or TreemapOrientationMethod.ColumnFirst. The default behavior is TreemapOrientationMethod.Automatic and filling the graph is based on the aspect ratio of the parent Axis object such that if the height is less than the width, columns are drawn first; otherwise rows are drawn first.

Default: Orientation = TreemapOrientationMethod.Automatic.


This is the Orientation associated with this Treemap.

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