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Imsl.Chart2D Namespace
The Imsl.Chart2D namespace is designed to allow the creation of highly customizable 2D charts.
Public classAbstractChartNode
The base class of all of the nodes in 2D chart trees.
Public classAnnotation
Draws an annotation.
Public classAxis
The Axis node provides the mapping for all of its children from the user coordinate space to the device (screen) space.
Public classAxis1D
An x-axis or a y-axis.
Public classAxisLabel
The labels on an axis.
Public classAxisLine
The axis line.
Public classAxisR
The R-axis in a polar plot.
Public classAxisRLabel
The labels on an axis.
Public classAxisRLine
The radius axis line in a polar plot.
Public classAxisRMajorTick
The major tick marks for the radius axis in a polar plot.
Public classAxisTheta
The angular axis in a polar plot.
Public classAxisTitle
The title on an axis.
Public classAxisUnit
The unit on an axis.
Public classAxisXY
The axes for an x-y chart.
Public classBackground
The background of a chart.
Public classBar
A bar chart.
Public classBarItem
A single bar in a bar chart.
Public classBarSet
A set of bars in a bar chart.
Public classBoxPlot
Draws a multiple-group Box plot.
Public classBoxPlotStatistics
Computes the statistics for one set of observations in a Boxplot.
Public classCandlestick
Candlestick plot of stock data.
Public classCandlestickItem
A candlestick for the up days or the down days.
Public classChart
The root node of the chart tree.
Public classChartNode
The base class of all of the nodes in the 2D chart tree.
Public classChartSpline
Wraps a spline into a ChartFunction to be plotted.
Public classChartTitle
The main title of a chart.
Public classContour
A Contour chart shows level curves of a two-dimensional function.
Public classContourLegend
A legend for a contour chart.
Public classContourLevel
ContourLevel draws a level curve line and the fill area between the level curve and the next smaller level curve.
Public classData
A data node in the chart tree.
Public classDendrogram
A Dendrogram chart for cluster analysis.
Public classDraw
Renders the chart tree to the screen.
Public classDrawMap
Creates an HTML client-side imagemap from a chart tree.
Public classDrawPick
The DrawPick class.
Public classErrorBar
Renders data points with error bars.
Public classFillPaint
A collection of methods to create Brush objects for fill areas.
Public classFrameChart
FrameChart is a Form that contains a chart.
Public classGrid
Draws the grid lines perpendicular to an axis.
Public classGridPolar
Draws the grid lines for a polar plot.
Public classHeatmap
Heatmap creates a chart from a two-dimensional array of double precision values or Color values.
Public classHeatmapLegend
A legend for use with a Heatmap.
Public classHighLowClose
High-low-close plot of stock data.
Public classLegend
A Chart legend.
Public classMajorTick
The major tick marks.
Public classMinorTick
The minor tick marks.
Public classPanelChart
A Windows.Forms.Panel that contains a chart.
Public classPickEventArgs
An event that indicates that a chart element has been selected.
Public classPie
A pie chart.
Public classPieSlice
One wedge of a pie chart.
Public classPolar
This Axis node is used for polar charts.
Public classSplineData
A data set created from a Spline.
Public classText
The value of the attribute "Title".
Public classToolTip
A tool tip for a chart element.
Public classTransformDate
Defines a transformation along an axis that skips weekend dates.
Public classTreemap
Treemap creates a chart from two arrays of double precision values or one data array and one array of Color values. The size of each element is scaled using the first input array. The second array of values or colors is used to shade the corresponding area.
Public classTreemapLegend
A legend for use with a Treemap.
Public classWebChart
A WebChart provides a component to use in ASP.NET applications that holds a Chart object.
Public structureColormap_Fields
Colormaps are mappings from the unit interval to Colors.
Public interfaceChartFunction
An interface that allows a function to be plotted.
Public interfaceColormap
An interface used to implement colormaps.
Public interfaceTransform
Defines a custom transformation along an axis.
Public delegatePickEventHandler
The delegate for receiving pick events.
Public enumerationTreemapOrientationMethod
Methods to configure drawing of the treemap cells.