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ChartNode Properties

The ChartNode type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAbstractParent
Indicates the parent of this AbstractChartNode.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyALT
Used to construct an "alt" attribute value in client side image maps.
Public propertyAutoscaleInput
Indicates what inputs are used for autoscaling.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyAutoscaleMinimumTimeInterval
Specifies the minimum tick mark interval for autoscaled time axes.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyAutoscaleOutput
Specifies what attributes to change as a result of autoscaling.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyAxis
Typically provides a mapping for children from the user coordinate space to the device (screen) space.
Public propertyBackground
The base graphic layer displayed behind other ChartNode objects in the tree.
Public propertyBarGap
Specifies the gap between bars in a group.
Public propertyBarType
Specifies the orientation of the BarChart.
Public propertyBarWidth
The width of all of the groups of bars at each index.
Public propertyChart
This is the root node of the chart tree.
Public propertyChartTitle
Specifies a title for the chart.
Public propertyClipData
Specifies whether the data elements are to be clipped to the current window.
Public propertyCultureInfo
Adds support for Windows supported locales.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyCustomTransform
Allows for the specification of a custom transform.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyDataType
Specifies how the data is to be rendered.
Public propertyDensity
Specifies the number of minor tick marks in the interval between major tick marks.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyDoubleBuffering
Specifies whether double is active.
Public propertyExplode
Specifies how far from the center pie slices are drawn.
Public propertyFillColor
Specifies a color that will be used to fill an area.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyFillOutlineColor
Specifies a color that will be used to outline this node.
Public propertyFillOutlineType
Specifies a fill pattern type for the outline of this node.
Public propertyFillType
Specifies a fill pattern type for this node.
Public propertyFont
Defines a particular format for text, including font name, size, and style attributes.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyFontName
Specifies the font to be used by name.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyFontSize
Specifies the font size.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyFontStyle
Specifies the font style to be used.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyHREF
Used to specify an "activated" object in an image map.
Public propertyImageAttr
An image that is to rendered when this ChartNode is displayed.
Public propertyIsVisible
Specifies if this node and its children will be drawn.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyIsWebControl
Indicates whether this is a web control.
Public propertyLabelType
Specifies the type of label to display.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyLegend
Legend information associated with this ChartNode.
Public propertyLineColor
Specifies the line color for this node.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyLineWidth
Specifies the line width for this node.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyMarkerColor
Specifies what color will be used when rendering marker.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyMarkerSize
Specifies the size of markers.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyMarkerThickness
Specifies the line thickness to be used when rendering the markers.
Public propertyMarkerType
Specifies the type of data marker to be drawn.
Public propertyName
Specifies the name of this node.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyNumber
Specifies the number of tick marks along an axis.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyParent
Indicates the parent of this ChartNode.
Public propertyReference
Indicates the baseline in drawing area charts.
Public propertyScreenAxis
Provides a default mapping from the user coordinates [0,1] by [0,1] to the screen.
Public propertyScreenSize
Indicates the size of this ChartNode.
Public propertySize
Specifies the drawing size.
Public propertySkipWeekends
Specifies whether to skip weekends.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertySmoothingMode
Specifies the SmoothingMode for this node.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyTextAngle
An angle, in degrees, at which text is to be drawn.
Public propertyTextColor
Specifies the text color.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyTextFormat
Specifies the "TextFormat" attribute value.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyTextFormatProvider
Specifies the "TextFormatProvider" attribute value.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyTickLength
This scales the length of the tick mark lines.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
Public propertyToolTip
Text that can be displayed in the case where tool tips are used.
Public propertyTransform
Specifies whether the axis is linear, logarithmic or a custom transform.
(Inherited from AbstractChartNode.)
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