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FillPaint Class
A collection of methods to create Brush objects for fill areas.
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Namespace: Imsl.Chart2D
Assembly: ImslCS (in ImslCS.dll) Version:
public class FillPaint

The FillPaint type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberCheckerboard
Returns a checkerboard pattern.
Public methodStatic memberCrosshatch
Returns a crosshatch pattern.
Public methodStatic memberDefaultReadObject
Reads the serialized fields written by the DefaultWriteObject method.
Public methodStatic memberDefaultWriteObject
Writes the serializable fields to the SerializationInfo object, which stores all the data needed to serialize the specified Object.
Public methodStatic memberDiagonal
Returns a diagonal pattern.
Public methodStatic memberDiamond
Returns a diamond pattern (a checkerboard rotated 45 degrees).
Public methodStatic memberDiamondHatch
Returns a crosshatch pattern on a 45 degree angle.
Public methodStatic memberDot
Returns a pattern that is an array of circles.
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Public methodStatic memberHorizontalStripe
Returns a horizontally striped pattern.
Public methodStatic memberImage
Returns a tiling of an image.
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Public methodStatic memberVerticalStripe
Returns a vertically striped pattern.

All of the Brush objects returned by the methods in this class are serializable.

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