FNLMath : Interpolation and Approximation
Interpolation and Approximation
Curve and Surface Fitting with Splines
Returns the derived type array result SPLINE_CONSTRAINTS
Returns an array result, given an array of input SPLINE_VALUES
Weighted least-squares fitting by B-splines to discrete
One-Dimensional data is performed SPLINE_FITTING
Returns the derived type array result given
Returns a tensor product array result, given two arrays of
independent variable values SURFACE_VALUES
Weighted least-squares fitting by tensor product B-splines
to discrete two-dimensional data is performed SURFACE_FITTING
Cubic Spline Interpolation
Easy to use cubic spline routine CSIEZ
Not-a-knot CSINT
Derivative end conditions CSDEC
Hermite CSHER
Shape preserving CSCON
Periodic CSPER
Cubic Spline Evaluation and Integration
Evaluation CSVAL
Evaluation of the derivative CSDER
Evaluation on a grid CS1GD
Integration CSITG
B-spline Interpolation
Easy to use spline routine SPLEZ
One-dimensional interpolation BSINT
Knot sequence given interpolation data BSNAK
Optimal knot sequence given interpolation data BSOPK
Two-dimensional tensor product interpolation BS2IN
Three-dimensional tensor product interpolation BS3IN
Spline Evaluation, Integration, and Conversion to Piecewise Polynomial
Given the B-spline Representation
Evaluation BSVAL
Evaluation of the derivative BSDER
Evaluation on a grid BS1GD
One-dimensional integration BSITG
Two-dimensional evaluation BS2VL
Two-dimensional evaluation of the derivative BS2DR
Two-dimensional evaluation on a grid BS2GD
Two-dimensional integration BS2IG
Three-dimensional evaluation BS3VL
Three-dimensional evaluation of the derivative BS3DR
Three-dimensional evaluation on a grid BS3GD
Three-dimensional integration BS3IG
Convert B-spline representation to piecewise polynomial BSCPP
Piecewise Polynomial
Evaluation PPVAL
Evaluation of the derivative PPDER
Evaluation on a grid PP1GD
Integration PPITG
Quadratic Polynomial Interpolation Routines for Gridded Data
One-dimensional evaluation QDVAL
One-dimensional evaluation of the derivative QDDER
Two-dimensional evaluation QD2VL
Two-dimensional evaluation of the derivative QD2DR
Three-dimensional evaluation QD3VL
Three-dimensional evaluation of the derivative QD3DR
Multi-dimensional Interpolation
Akima’s surface fitting method SURF
Multidimensional interpolation and differentiation SURFND
Least-Squares Approximation
Linear polynomial RLINE
General polynomial RCURV
General functions FNLSQ
Splines with fixed knots BSLSQ
Splines with variable knot BSVLS
Splines with linear constraints CONFT
Two-dimensional tensor-product splines with fixed knots BSLS2
Three-dimensional tensor-product splines with fixed knots BSLS3
Cubic Spline Smoothing
Smoothing by error detection CSSED
Smoothing spline CSSMH
Smoothing spline using cross-validation CSSCV
Rational LApproximation
Rational Chebyshev RATCH